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License Features of Next Generation AI

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This table gives a short explanation of the extended license features of NG AI

Very many people understand the "normal" license features of Next Generation. They are included in the Product Part No., e.g. SCT, HVPX, or VEE and explained in this document. The "translation" to the real features is be done in the file $CPDIR/conf/cp.macro. Here you find very many shortcuts representing the detailed features of your individual installation - and that's the topic of this page.

This list covers Check Poin Next Generation with Application Intelligence R55

Feature Description
3rdcmd License for Command Line Access to 3rd party systems
aes Encrytion with AES
am1 Account Management on a LDAP Server
auth License for Security Server (smtp, http, ftp,telnet, rlogin)
ca Encryption Management (Certificate Authoritiy)
celarge Reporting for 10 Firewalls (SmartViewReporter)
celigth Reporting for one Firewall (SmartViewReporter)
cemed Reporting for 5 Firewalls (SmartViewReporter)
ceunl Reporting for an unlimited number of Firewalls (SmartViewReporter)
client Meta-IP DHCP Client
clientu Unlimited number of Meta-IP DHCP Clients
clm rcontrol + vpnmgmt + fwc
cluster-1 License for one ClusterXL
cluster-u License for unlimited number of ClusterXL
cmd Command Line Interface
cmp Compression Management, SmartView Monitor
cmp100 cmp + cmpcount100 + pam
cmp25 cmp + cmpcount25 + pam
cmp250 cmp + cmpcount250 + pam
cmp50 cmp + cmpcount50 + pam
cmpcount100 Life-Reporting for 100 Modules
cmpcount25 Life-Reporting for 25 Modules
cmpcount250 Life-Reporting for 250 Modules
cmpcount50 Life-Reporting for 50 Modules
cmpcountunl Life-Reporting for unlimited number of Modules
cmpgw100 cmpgwbase + cmp100
cmpgw25 cmpgwbase + cmp25
cmpgw250 cmpgwbase + cmp250
cmpgw50 cmpgwbase + cmp50
cmpgwbase cmpmodbase + stdcmpmgmt
cmpmgmt SmartView Monitor, Access to Management-Module
cmpmod100 cmpmodbase + cmp100
cmpmod25 cmpmodbase + cmp25
cmpmod250 cmpmodbase + cmp250
cmpmod50 cmpmodbase + cmp50
cmpmodbase rtm + tclog
cmpunl cmp + cmpcountunl + pam
connect lb
content Content Security by Security Server
control lcontrol + remote, basic license for the Management-Module
controlx control + vpnmgmt
controlx-smc250 remote-smc250 + lcontrol + remote1
controlx-smcunlimit remote-smcunlimit + lcontrol + remote1
cpipv6 License for use and filtering of IPv6
cpls Feature for Load Sharing in ClusterXL
cpmc1 License for one MAC VPN-Client
cpmc100 License for 100 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc1000 License for 1.000 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc25 License for 25 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc5 License for 5 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc50 License for 50 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc500 License for 500 MAC VPN-Clients
cpmc5000 License for 5.000 MAC VPN-Clients
cpui policyui + lvui + sstui + rtmui
cpx Express module (Enforcement Point)
cpxmgmt Management for Check Point Express Modules
cpxmgmtaddon Management of additional Express Modules  
dbvr_single Revision control for rulebases, 1 Management-Module
dbvr_unlimit Revision control for rulebases, unlimited number of Management-Modules
dhcpsrvu Unlimited number of DHCP servers (MetaIP)
dns MetaIP DNS-Server
dnssrvu Unlimited number of DNS-Servers (MetaIP)
dhcp License for DHCP-Server
des Encryption with DES
embed Management of Embedded Devices, e.g. Nokia IP30
embedded Management of Embedded Devices, e.g. Nokia IP30
enc1 encryption + enchosts1 + pam + spcps
enc10 encryption + enchosts10 + pam + spcps
enc100 encryption + enchosts100 + pam + spcps
enc25 encryption + enchosts25 + pam + spcps
enc250 encryption + enchosts250 + pam + spcps
enc50 encryption + enchosts50 + pam + spcps
enc500 encryption + enchosts500 + pam + spcps
enchosts1 encryption + hosts1
enchosts10 encryption + hosts10
enchosts100 encryption + hosts100
enchosts25 encryption + hosts25
enchosts250 encryption + hosts250
enchosts5 encryption + hosts5
enchosts50 encryption + hosts50
enchosts500 encryption + hosts500
enchostsunlimit encryption + hostsunlimit
encryption Basic feature for encryption, includes ca
encul encryption + enchostsunlimit + pam + spcps
entlight entrust + entrustlight
entmax entrust + entrustmax
entmed entrust + entrustmed
entmin entrust + entrustmin
entrust License for use of an Entrust-CA (VPN-1 Certificate Manager, CM)
entrustlight Management of up to 50 certificates (CM)
entrustmax Management of up to 500 certificates (CM)
entrustmed Management of up to 100 certificates (CM)
entrustmin Management of up to 25 certificates (CM)
entrustsup Management of up to 1.000 certificates (CM)
entrustult Management of up to 2.500 certificates (CM)
entrustunl Management of up to 5.000 certificates (CM)
entsup entrust + entrustsup
entult entrust + entrustult
entunl entrust + entrustunl
etm qosmgmt
exmp1 License for one Extranet-Partner
exmp1000 License for 1.000 Extranet-Partners
exmp20 License for 20 Extranet-Partners
exmp5 License for 5 Extranet-Partners
exmpu License for an unlimited number of Extranet-Partners
fg License for FloodGate-1
fg100 fg + fgcount100 + pam
fg25 fg + fgcount25 + pam
fg250 fg + fgcount250 + pam
fg50 fg + fgcount50 + pam
fgcount100 License for 100 internal IP-Addresses, FloodGate-1
fgcount25 License for 25 internal IP-Addresses, FloodGate-1
fgcount250 License for 250 internal IP-Addresses, FloodGate-1
fgcount50 License for 500 internal IP-Addresses, FloodGate-1
fgcountunl License for unlimited internal IP-Addresses, FloodGate-1
fggw100 fggwbase + fg100
fggw25 fggwbase + fg25
fggw250 fggwbase + fg250
fggw50 fggwbase + fg50
fggwbase fgmodbase + stdfgmgmt
fgmgmt Management for FloodGate-1
fgmod100 fgmodbase + fg100
fgmod25 fgmodbase + fg25
fgmod250 fgmodbase + fg250
fgmod50 fgmodbase + fg50
fgmodbase fgvpn + tclog
fgmodunl fgmodbase + fgunl
fgunl fg + fgcountunl + pam
fgvpn FloodGate-1 and VPN-1
filter Generation of INSPECT-files is possible
fm Packet filtering by FireWall-1
fmbase fm + sync + sxl_fw + sxl_vpn
fwc Inspect-files can be compiled in Filter-code
fwlv License for SmartView Tracker
fwmgmt fwc + filter, Management for FireWall-1
gtpmgmt License for Management-Module GX for GPRS
gtp License for Firewall-Module GX for GPRS
ha High availability of Firewalls (up to NG FP2)
hfm License for a module as a member in ClusterXL
highav ha
hosts1 1 internal host
hosts10 10 internal hosts
hosts100 100 internal hosts
hosts25 25 internal hosts
hosts250 250 internal hosts
hosts5 5 internal hosts
hosts50 50 internal hosts
hostsunlimit unlimited number of internal hosts
ica100 Access of 100 SecureClient to ICA
ica1000 Access of 1.000 SecureClient to ICA
ica25 Access of 25 SecureClient to ICA
ica250 Access of 250 SecureClient to ICA
ica2500 Access of 2.500 SecureClient to ICA
ica5 Access of 5 SecureClient to ICA
ica50 Access of 50 SecureClient to ICA
ica500 Access of 500 SecureClient to ICA
ica5000 Access of 5.000 SecureClient to ICA
icaunlimit Access of an unlimited number of SecureClient to ICA
ike3des ikedes + strong + aes
ikedes isakmp + des + rdp
ikeso3des ikedes + strong, SmallOffice
ikesoaes ikesodes + strong + aes, SmallOffice
ikesodes isakmp + des + rdp, SmallOffice
imbase pfi1 + enc1
ipi Meta-IP Service Manager
isakmp License for use of encryption with ISAKMP/OAKLEY (IPSec)
lb Load-Balancing for Servers (ConnectControl)
lcontrol mgmtcore + fwmgmt + cpui + qosmgmt + cmpmgmt + dbvr_unlimit
light1 fmbase + hosts1
light10 fmbase + hosts10
light25 fmbase + hosts25
light5 fmbase + hosts5
light50 fmbase + hosts50
lvui fwlv
medium100 fmbase + hosts100
medium250 fmbase + hosts250
Medium500 fmbase + hosts500
mep License for Multiple Entry Points
mip License for MetaIP
mgmtcore cmd
mgmtha Licence for High Availability of the Management (Management-HA)
motif License for Motif-GUI under Sun Solaris
mpu Mulit-CPU Support
netso License for one UserAuthority Server
netsounlimit Unlimited license for UserAuthority Servers
ose1 router1
ose10 router10
oseu routers (Open Security Extension unlimited)
pam License for Packet Modification API
pfi stdpfibase + auth + hostsunlimit
pfi1 stdpfibase + hosts1
pfi10 stdpfibase + hosts10
pfi25 stdpfibase + hosts25
pfi5 stdpfibase + hosts5
pfi50 stdpfibase + hosts50
pfm unlimit + xlate + auth + content
pfm10 stdpfmbase + hosts10
pfm100 stdpfmbase + hosts100
pfm25 stdpfmbase + hosts25
pfm250 stdpfmbase + hosts250
pfm5 stdpfmbase + hosts5
pfm50 stdpfmbase + hosts50
pfmx pfm + encul
pfso stdpfsobase + auth + hostsunlimit
pfso1 stdpfsobase + hosts1
pfso10 stdpfsobase + hosts10
pfso25 stdpfsobase + hosts25
pfso5 stdpfsobase + hosts5
pfso50 stdpfsobase + hosts50
policyui ui
qosmgmt fgmgmt + rtmmgmt
ram1 User-Management on a unlimited number of LDAP-Servers
rcc oseu + lcontrol
rcontrol mgmtcore + lvui + sstui
rdcmd cmd
rdp License for Reliable Data Protocol (RDP), necessary for MEP
remote Management of an unlimited number of remote modules
remote1 Management of 1 remote module
remote2 Management of 2 remote modules
remote4 Management of 4 remote modules
remote-smc250 Remote managed SmartCenter and Enforcement Point with 250 internal IP's
remote-smcunlimit Remote managed SmartCenter and Enforcement Point with unlimited internal IP's
rm1 rt + celight
rm10 rt + celarge
rm5 rt + cemid
rmu rt + ceunl
router1 ACL Management on 1 Router
router10 ACL Management on 10 Routers
routers ACL Management on an unlimited number of Routers

Reporting Tool

rtmmgmt Management of Real Time Monitor (SmartView Monitor)
rtmui User Interface for SmartView Monitor
sdef SmartDefense for one Gateway
sdef100 SmartDefense for 100 Gateways
sep License for Single Entry Point
spc License for Policy Server for SecureClient
spc100 spc + sr100 + spcc100
spc1000 spc + sr1000 + spcc1000
spc25 spc + sr25 + spcc25
spc250 spc + sr250 + spcc250
spc2500 spc + sr2500 + spcc2500
spc5 spc + sr5 + spcc5
spc50 spc + sr50 + spcc50
spc500 spc + sr500 + spcc500
spc5000 spc + sr5000 + spcc5000
spcc100 License for 100 SecureClient
spcc1000 License for 1.000 SecureClient
spcc25 License for 25 SecureClient
spcc250 License for 250 SecureClient
spcc2500 License for 2.500 SecureClient
spcc5 License for 5 SecureClient
spcc50 License for 50 SecureClient
spcc500 License for 500 SecureClient
spcc5000 License for 5.000 SecureClient
spccunlimit License for an unlimited number of SecureClient
spcps License for additional Policy Server
spcunlimit spc + srunlimit + spccunlimit


License for 100 SecuRemote Clients
sr1000 License for 1.000 SecuRemote Clients
sr25 License for 100 SecuRemote Clients
sr250 License for 250 SecuRemote Clients
sr2500 License for 2.500 SecuRemote Clients
sr5 License for 5 SecuRemote Clients
sr50 License for 50 SecuRemote Clients
sr500 License for 500 SecuRemote Clients
sr5000 License for 5.000 SecuRemote Clients
srunlimmit License for an unlimited number of SecuRemote Clients
sstui User Interface for SmartView Status
stdcmpmgmt mgmtcore + cmpmgmt + cpui
stdfgmgmt mgmtcore + qosmgmt + cmpmgmt + fwmgmt + cpui
stdlight1 stdmedbase + hosts1
stdlight10 stdmedbase + hosts10
stdlight25 stdmedbase + hosts25
stdlight25 stdmedbase + hosts25
stdlight5 stdmedbase + hosts5
stdlight50 stdmedbase + hosts50
stdmed100 stdmedbase + hosts100
stdmed250 stdmedbase + hosts250
stdmedbase lcontrol + fmbase + xlate + auth + content
stdpfibase fwmbase + xlate
stdpfmbase fmbase + xlate + auth + content
stdpfsobase fm + xlate + content, für SmallOffice
stdtcmgmt stdfgmgmt + stdcmpmgmt
strong License for strong Encryption (e.g. 3DES)
sup1 SmartUpdate for one Module
sup10 SmartUpdate for 10 Modules
sup25 SmartUpdate for 25 Modules
sup5 SmartUpdate for 5 Modules
sup50 SmartUpdate for 50 Modules
supmgmt SmartUpdate Management
supunlimit SmartUpdate for an unlimited number of Modules
swall hosts1
sxl_fw SecureXL for FireWall-1
sxl_vpn SecureXL for VPN-1
sxl_ppk Performance Pack
sync License for State Table Synchronisation
tclog Log for FloodGate-1 and SmartView Monitor
uau1000 License for up to 1.000 users in UserAuthority
uau10000 License for up to 10.000 users in UserAuthority
uau500 License for up to 500 users in UserAuthority
uau5000 License for up to 5.000 users in UserAuthority
ui License for User Interface, SmartDashboard
unlimit fmbase + hostsunlimit
vlan1 3rdcmd + vlancount1
vlan5 3rdcmd + vlancount5
vlancount1 Management of 1 VLAN
vlancountunlimit Unlimited Management of VLANs
vlancount5 Management of 5 VLANs
vlans 3rdcmd + vlancountunlimit
vpe_alone SmartMap for one Gateway
vpe_unlimit SmartMap for unlimited Gateways
vpn isakmp, for VPN-1 Pro
vpn1net isakmp, for VPN-1 Net
vpndes isakmp + des + rdp
vpnmgmt ca
vpnnet-base pfm + lcontrol + vpnmgmt + vpn1net + encryption
vpnstrong vpndes + strong + aes
vpntun100 License for 100 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun1000 License for 1.000 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun25 License for 25 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun250 License for 250 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun5 License for 5 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun50 License for 50 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vpntun5000 License for 5.000 VPN-Tunnels with VPN-1 Net
vsx1 VSX-Extension for 1 Gateway
vsx10 VSX-Extension for 10 Gateways
vsx100 VSX-Extension for 100 Gateways
vsx200 VSX-Extension for 200 Gateways
vsx25 VSX-Extension for 25 Gateways
vsx50 VSX-Extension for 50 Gateways
vsx-base pfm + encul + hostsunlimit
vsxunlimit VSX-Extension for an unlimited number of Gateways
xlate Network Address Translation, NAT

Most of the features are included in the file $CPDIR/conf/cp.macro
Not mentioned are the features of Provider-1 and SmartLSM

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